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telling good stories for happy endings

rainbow-armadaWe all bring our humanity...and our stories...everywhere we go – to work, at play, in our homes. So, it’s no surprise that our businesses reflect our narrative, nor is it a surprise that we want them to.  

That’s how it is here at JuniperMarket, too. And that’s exactly why we take opportunities like PRIDE month to help you discover those brands or products aimed at reinforcing your mission. Whether you are seeking out self-identified LGBTQ+-owned brands or want to offer your customers ways to show their values with their purchases, we hope our support will buttress your support for the values you value. 

in allyship, mindfulness matters 

Along with product and brand insight, we’re committed to helping you discover and clarify how you and your business can bring even more meaningful participation to your purpose. While you’re pondering your product pursuits and investment in inventory, think, too, about aligning your investment in allyship and advocacy.  

pride-candlebring your message to light, your way


When your customers seek out PRIDE or affiliated merchandise, might they also be happy to learn that you’re donating a percentage of your sales to a local nonprofit whose deeds match your mission? Or can your store play a part in sharing more enduring messaging of awareness and inclusivity? Your PRIDE merchandise can claim its own ongoing place on your shelves to show support beyond June’s spotlight, because recognition and alliance havefind pice no shelf life.  

We all know that not every message will or needs to reach every person, but your customers are your customers because of shared values and attitudes. As subtly or unabashedly as you choose, your mindfulness matters to your customers, often as much as your merchandise. 

pink-bagcarry joy with you wherever you go


That message of mindfulness and inclusion is one spoken loud and clear by Patrice Hull. Founded and based in Atlanta, Patrice has developed a brand whose name IS its mission statement: Stuff We Wanna Say. JuniperMarket happily makes the brand available far beyond its Atlanta birthplace to any of our buyers with – you guessed it – stuff to say. More important than the breadth of diversity in evidence at her black-LGBTQ+-woman-owned small business, though, is Patrice’s open espousal of joy in her community, as immediate and as expansive as that community is and can become. You can add her exuberance to those you see walking around you with a few of her Passion Pink C2BN bags. It’s a surefire way to start a spark, then fan the colorful flames! 

the art of messaging for you and your customers 

Incorporating the rainbow as a statement affects more than the color palette of your inventory. But it doesn’t need to overshadow the uniquely-yours vibe you work so hard to create. If home décor is where it’s at for your customers, even a small collection of pieces in your inventory will allow them to add the right piece to their purchase. Individual statements can start with the brightly colored occasional and dining chairs and bar stools from brands like Zuo Modern and 39F Inc that allow your customers to assemble their own, personalized rainbow of décor elements.   

rainbow-landscapeshape your landscape and your story


A lot of our friends have chosen to incorporate the art of messaging into their personal wall décor, and it’s a good bet many of your customers are doing the same.  You’ll find pieces like Rainbow of Beauty or Rainbow Landscape, both from Streamline Art and Frame, that can be at home in many a curated collection. Or this laser-cut steel Rainbow Sunset Running Horse, by Next Innovations, will speak to you – and the horse lovers in your circle – in all its dye-sublimated brilliance. You can see from just these few examples how sourcing products can fluidly align as much with your message as it can with the aesthetic of your shop and customers.    

celebrating uniqueness is always in style

As we move from home décor products to gifts and accessories, your ability to create PRIDE-honoring opportunities for your customers expands. Because part of allyship is acknowledgement across the span of normal days and activities, it’s really just about offering your style in a way that also embraces representation.  

bracelet-1wear your heart at the end of your sleeve


At its core, celebrating PRIDE is about celebrating the uniqueness of each of us and all of life’s experiences. JuniperMarket offers a vast selection of the brands and products that allow you to augment your product line in your signature fashion. Consider the Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet and Spiral Bracelet, two pieces among many of the goes-everywhere-says-all-the-best-things fashion accessories from WorldFinds. So, too, is this Kutch Ikat Crossbody. And Accessory Concierge offers the chunky chic of their Rainbow Mantra Necklace.  

Appeal to your vegan customer with this One Love Rainbow Vegan Leather Unisex Bracelet (on our wish list, tbh!) and your spiritually committed ones with this Nature’s Delight Rainbow Hematite Ring. With more than a hundred pages of product available using merely a rainbow filter, you can shop your way from now through next June and still be finding more ways to expand your impact and embrace LGBTQ+ customers and their allies. 

warmth, positivity and support say it all

bath bombbubble away cares and soak in all the love


Impact can come with something as simple as the recognition of the need for self-care. Giving your customers encouragement and solutions to ease hard days into restful nights (Whipped Sugar Rainbow Sherbet Scrub), to wrap themselves in warmly positive reminders (Somewhere Over the Rainbow Muslin Quilt), and to drink in all the love that daily life can hold (Diversity Pride Love Drinkware) are ongoing messages of support and affirmation, with nothing but positive benefits for your community. 

We are so proud to be a part of how you share your own story in your own way.  At JuniperMarket, we recognize the enormous value of using commerce for good and are here to help you speak in the languages that bring harmony and hope to all your days and all who fill them.