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shop the style: comforts of nature

Cozy up to the natural resonance of organic materials and artisanal outlooks. Celebrate traditions dating back to earliest cultures. Embrace well-being.

shop the style: true west

Look to the American West for earthy tones and natural materials to embrace a “little bit country - little bit cowboy - all Southwest inspo” aesthetic.

we are family

Each time you shop the Market, it’s a family affair. From High Point Market to JuniperMarket to the rest of our IMC family, we bring you Market every day! 

shop the style: eclectic elements

Go big. Go bold. Go graphic. If high contrast and smartly stated is how you roll, then show it off with this eye-catching contemporary aesthetic.

shop the style: zen den

Create a soothing palate and a relaxed vibe for your den. Simple lines, earthy tones and quirky accessories help you find that elusive work/play balance.

shop the style: for the dog lover

Our loyalty to our canine best friends is only exceeded by our joy in lavishing love and care on them. Embrace the fur buddy lifestyle and pamper away!

shop the style: self care sanctuary

Treat yourself! Plush fabrics and silky satin accessories make lovely gifts for all those who deserve a little extra care.

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