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winter buying in the desert: back together, better together

“It’s just unbelievable to all be together again!” 
That was Bob Maricich, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IMC, welcoming us all to the kickoff of this Winter’s Las Vegas Market! And kick things off, we did!

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We gathered, we shopped, we learned, we discovered ... and we sang along to the familiar OneRepublic lyrics as they helped us celebrate it all! With a fervor typical of baseball’s opening day, we also welcomed JuniperMarket – now open for business – to the family of IMC Markets.  

JuniperMarket brought generosity, insight, and education to their role as co-host: every day started with JuniperMarket coffee and ended with JuniperMarket cocktails in the courtyard. In between, there was lots of trend talk with First Look, design insight with Shop the Display and Market Snapshot, and days full of buying and selling. 

0010_PWP_JuniperLVWinter22_IR     0082_PWP_JuniperLVWinter22_IRSome of our favorite products being launched at Winter Market came from Melrose International (did you say Red Velvet?!) and Cyan Design (jewels in space, indeed!), both brands opening new showrooms at this Las Vegas Market and new lines that you can shop both live at Las Vegas Market and every day on JuniperMarket.  

And as the #LVMkt tradeshow and temporaries go, so also goes #JuniperMkt, teasing and tempting us with one-of-a-kind, unique products from brands like Moonglow and Flora Bunda, along with jewelry featuring diverse and enchanting perspectives from Santore Company and WorldFinds.

  0028_PWP_JuniperLVWinter22_IR-2flora bundasantore1Like Bill Furlong said as we kicked off our welcome to all the exhilarating newness of Winter Market – Let’s keep on basking in that Sunshine and Counting Stars (IYKYK) ... ‘cause now it’s market every day!