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have you met Very Peri?

Novel yet trusted.

Spritely yet courageous.

A dynamic fusion of the digital and physical worlds.

We don’t know about you, but we’d love to be introduced to people the way Pantone is introducing all of us to Very Peri, the first new color ever created specifically for the Pantone Color of the Year program.

What? You don’t want to be as fabulous in person as you are online? Or vice versa? We do – and that’s why JuniperMarket is here – and with Very Peri at your beck and call! Use our new online marketplace to get a head start on your trend-right Very Peri inventory or ideas for your upcoming designs, then tap right into the attitude and perspective that is 2022.


very-peri-tabletopAlways fashion-forward UMA, bringing Very Peri to our tabletops and more.

Very Peri reminds us that earthy materials can be as spectacular as they are soothing, much like the geode-like amethyst crystals in this Multi Polystone Coastal sculpture from UMA Home Décor. And there’s more crystal glamour in the hand-cut glass pieces like this Heart Vase. Veritas Home features a whole collection of similarly hued modern glass elegance in their home décor collections, so you and your customers can decide just exactly how you want to flavor your look with fresh blue-violet joy. 


very-peri-reyna-vasesExpressive, whimsical features help these Karma vases bring a Very Peri greeting.

If you didn’t meet these Lilac Reyna Vases in person at Karma’s display in Ivystone’s Las Vegas showroom, then please say your how-do-you-dos here. The freely formed whimsy of these vases perfectly incarnates the sprightliness and modern outlook that Pantone has identified as the aesthetic mood for both now and heading into our ever-evolving future.  


very-peri-michel-design-worksMichel Design Works brings the soft, smooth moves of Very Peri to our day-to-day. 

Michel Design Works lets you also make that mood a lifestyle choice. Howsoever you wrap your world in scent, accessories, and sweetness, you can follow a lavender-like, wildflower way to your chosen destination. Connecting to and engaging with your emotions is as vital as connecting across the many modes of modern communication ... and shea butter has definitely been known to smooth that sometimes-bumpy road.    


ZAD Fashion makes viewing life through a Very Peri lens this easy.

No, we’re not talking rose-colored glasses here! But viewing life through the lens of Very Peri hearts can have you and your customers seeing new opportunities for 2022. Sometimes it’s the little things that take our signature look to the next level, or just get our customers to smile. That’s where ZAD Fashion is going with their Purple Passion Rimless Heart Sunglasses. And their Large Natural Light Purple Agate Nightlight. And their Purple Mandala Floral Tapestry 

So much fresh perspective – and how nice to be able to scroll through all the options to find just the right ones! Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Very Peri-colored cocktail to have at one’s elbow while doing so?


very-peri-flora-bundaFlora Bunda florals, growing the Pantone Color of the Year garden.

We’re not trying to turn our world upside down with a new view -- that’s already happened, and the world did it to us, not the other way around! But we are reminded of where we came from as well as where the future might take us. Flora Bunda Faux Daisies help us evoke both our childhood garden as well as digital dynamism. Both of these moods vibe with a 2022 awash in florals of rich, vibrant colors, where liveliness is remembered, reinforced and renewed.   

Your customers will be grateful you recognize their need for Very Peri color energy here, too. 


very-peri-hummingbirdPalladium has our hearts all aflutter with this Very Peri hummingbird.

Even this hummingbird can buzz in with extra sales help for you. Palladium offers retailers a wide array of options to extend their gift and apparel reach by featuring singularly styled collections of jewelry from designers all over the world. You’ll also find earrings, bracelets and pendants – all furthering the dream of Very Peri possibility. 

As Pantone said when introducing us to their Color of 2022, “we are living in transformative times.” Here at JuniperMarket, we’re all about transformation and, this year, part of that transformation is colored Very Peri. (And green, of course. 😉) 

Don’t you just LOVE the color of shopping?!?