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grab those “I dos” and make them your to-dos!


Danged if we don’t all love a wedding.  
... Not the least of what it can do for our bottom line, to be perfectly candid! 😉

While weddings have always been (and meant) big business year-round, the post-pandemic pent-up demand for delayed celebrations, weddings and engagements has created a boom in the nuptial industry. And not one of our JuniperMarket buyers shouldn’t be able to find a niche way to tap into that festive -- but also quite lucrative -- market.  

for whom the wedding bells toll

There are those of you who have been extending your reach into the wedding industry for years, and now you have JuniperMarket to help you keep up with the demand – no more lost sales due to limited inventory. For the rest of you, there’s no better time than the current boom to find a unique way to align your store with products that will allow you to broaden your sales and perhaps even introduce your business to new customers.   

iron-casseroleold- world materials, next- generation aesthetics


To give you all a head start, here are some of the product categories and trend-right ideas sought after by today’s bridal couples and their friends and families in 2022’s walk down the flower-bedecked aisle.

feed the foodie, wine the diner 

Many of today’s couples are accomplished cooks. So, instead of looking to merely equip their kitchen, they’re looking for more singular pieces to anchor or add to their food-and-beverage-focused experiences. Could your inventory and sales be successfully expanded by something like this Ding Cast Iron Casserole from JIA Inc?  Or would an accessory item like these wine totes from family-owned Primeware be as charming a gift for the couple as they were to Oprah? We’re definitely pondering the gift appeal of glass pitchers like this Pineapple Pitcher by Rolf Glass to elevate everyday iced tea or add elegance to homemade craft cocktails while also enriching your sales. 

dinerware-basketsnot your grandma’s dinner ware or fare!


The more familiar dining and entertaining aspect of a typical registry can always find a place on your shelves as a specialty support to your main inventory. Exercise your individual aesthetic to take advantage of the array of products offered on JuniperMarket to bring bliss to the tabletop. And we don’t mean Grandma’s Sunday dinner table here! The Muddy Dog brings Baskets of Love, monogramable whimsy, and all kinds of easy- care, Heatsafe tableware to the fast-paced lives of today’s newly married.  

Straying a bit from the “something old or borrowed,” consider the novelty of Handwoven Round Placemats, Acacia Wood Plates or Mother of Pearl Coasters from Shoplikha to feed the Gen Z craving for artisanal craftsmanship. Or visit Carmel Ceramica for a full line of casually elegant dinner and tableware with specialty glaze finishes inspired by the California Coast. 

With options like these, your customers will never be the “the fork friends.”

velvet-pillowthe eye of the tiger gets the wedding gift prize


You say you prefer soft goods? We say, start folding and fluffing and hanging! From elegant hemstitched Swiss napkins by The Napkins to hand-dyed and printed silk velvet pillows from Via Venezia Textiles to luxurious linen quilts and coverlets by Amity Home, the newlyweds will learn that your store is the place to keep their home wrapped in both comfort and luxury for many an anniversary to come. 

home is where the ❤️ is

Wedding, engagement and shower gifts are indeed a way to introduce both your store and its “Happy Home” ethos to new couples, showing off your special ability to help them build towards their future. Even traditional pieces can take on a twist, like these Wire-Wrapped Taper Candle Holders by Prairie Dance. The Prairie Dance story is one that will hit home with many of your values-based buyers: every lovely, patinaed piece is handcrafted and made in the USA. 

Or consider the occasional home décor items that transform a new house into a home. This flower-inspired Metal Starburst Wall Mirror from A&B Home has enough roots in traditional design to feel at home in any environment while still bringing the fresh energy many couples seek.   

canvas-wall-artnew life, new space, new views – it’s the newlywed way


To help your customers envision their new space and life, you can choose to model distinctive décor by featuring curated art selections that can go from your walls to theirs. Brands like GreenBox Art, Cyan Design and Paragon all bring diversity and design excellence to their product offerings, allowing your aesthetic and viewpoint to shine. 

when home and heart travel

Many couples take their new life—hearth and home included—on the road. That’s just one more opportunity for your retail presence to become included in the non-traditional 2022 wedding picture. (Say cheese!) This is, after all, a gift-giving occasion that often allows for a splurge beyond the merely utilitarian.   

Steel Horse Leather Company is a Brooklyn-based leather company producing handmade, heirloom leather duffels, messenger bags, backpacks and more. A twin set of travel bags could be just the gift that keeps on giving across many years and miles. 

adirondack-chairsparty’s over – time to put your feet up and relax into married bliss!


Or perhaps you can help the couple find their travel vibe when they’re at home base, wherever they make it. W Unlimited, headquartered in California, specializes in outdoor living products and offers a wide selection of Adirondack chairs – including our favorite, the Zero Gravity Collection. The only décor your customer needs to worry about with a choice like this is the great outdoors! 

invite yourself to the big day!

Even all the activities surrounding the main event can offer you and your store lots of opportunities to be a part of the love, joy and accessorizing. Your any-time access to quantity purchases on JuniperMarket can make you a go-to resource for novel wedding centerpieces – like these Vintage Mini Tree-topped Bottles from Park Hill Collection for that barn wedding so many are planning. 

beaded-baghere comes the bride and her eponymous clutch


All those weddings need personal accessorizing as well. Show off some special jewelry for the bridal party, like these handmade Raw Rainbow Moonstone Earrings or Baroque Pearl Necklaces from EAM Designs. You can also be their source for delicate day-of clutches, like this BRIDE Beaded Bag and these bags with Cowrie Shell embellishment – perfect for the attendants at a summer wedding. These sweet bags are all from La Chic Designs and are guaranteed to hold the obligatory tube of lipstick and tear-blotting tissues. 

Don’t forget the men! Grooms and ushers alike can bring pocket-sized elan and fortification to the festivities with these Lane Wilson flasks. And you can deliver a bit of group styling to their garb with these Braided Leather and Tube Bead Bracelets by Anju Jewelry. 

Like the couples and their chosen themes, the options for your role in their big days are endless. With JuniperMarket now providing you an unfettered ability to access products as individual as their desires and your retail mission, you can dive into this tidal wave of booming happiness and sales. 
We now pronounce you “Ready to Sell.”