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it’s time to glow up your business

What’s your signature? 
No, we don’t mean the John Hancock you use to sign your quarterly reports. What makes YOUR business unique to YOUR customers?  

Even though your answer is as unique to your business as is your scrawl on the dotted line, we can help you continue to refine and curate the look and feel of your business as you start a fresh year. We know your vision goes beyond the apparel itself to the “whole look,” so here’s a whole Brand Book of insight as you maneuver your way through this week’s Atlanta Apparel Market and then onto JuniperMarket. We have you covered for 2022 ... and beyond. Get ready to glow up your business!

WorldFindsWorldFinds artisanal jewelry empowers maker, seller and wearer. Behold the superpower!


invite the glitterati  

Is jewelry your go-to staging and upsell? Or haven’t you gone that far yet? Whichever path is yours, JuniperMarket has all the mileposts for expanding the vision your business offers. From the global perspective of WorldFinds, to the approachable simplicity of Glee Jewelry, to the custom “Ecovintage” collections from Mark Edge, there are choices you can make – and keep making – to set your business apart. Design your inventory for the discerning eye by finding the newest signature statement pieces for your business. 

bag 19-459_lgMary Frances Accessories has blooms bustin’ out all over! 


over the shoulder and beyond 

Toss it over your shoulder, wrap it around your neck, or layer it anywhere!  

Accessories tell the story of individuality – both yours and your customer’s.  You can uniquely inform and guide your customers with your personal design insight by adding a trip (or many!) to JuniperMarket alongside your Apparel Market ventures. Hit the Very Peri trend head on with Spartina’s Attaquin Square Scarf. Add Consuela’s Jessi Clutch to your wares for some vivid energy. Or brighten your take on the fashion world through the polarized, rose-colored (or ice blue!) lenses of Blue Planet Eyewear 

Layer it all on with a fresh and refreshed take – by the month or by the season – as you round out your aesthetic story and your sales with a regular influx of exciting new accessories. You’ll catch yourself browsing every night, just to see what’s new. 

Farmhouse freshKeep them as smooth as the silkiest of the garments on your racks, thanks to Farmhouse Fresh.


underneath it all 

Get them ready for their best-dressed selves! Donning their new apparel will feel even more satisfying when you’ve helped your customers feel good in their own skin first. Be the shop that sets the mood with scents and soaps from Michel Design Works. Rejuvenate their irrepressible spirit to meet life’s challenges with help from Infinite She. And let’s not forget the glow up we promised – for them and for you! Thanks, Farmhouse Fresh! 

So, from brand book to sold through, we have you covered. While you’re getting them dressed, we’ll help with the rest.  

See you shopping!