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hey, Earth! what’s up?

Here’s our blue marble 🌍 telling us that while we are still celebrating Earth Day more than half a century since its inception, it’s no longer just a day, it’s a movement. 

Even that’s also more than just an Earth Day tag line. The movement to embrace environmentalism in our industry, for example, has such a wide scope that the JuniperMarket brands featured here are a mere sampling of how we help give you the reins to act, innovate and implement in ways that suit your business and your mission.  

Whether you’re new to the eco-focused movement or have been a leader in pursuing sustainability, the resources are readily available for you to wear your eco-friendly heart on your sleeve, whichever segment of the industry you sell to or design for. 

Painted sun glowcapturing the sun’s golden glow for any space, thanks to Beyond Borders


Is Home Décor your niche? Have you discovered the metal wall sculptures, garden art, and holiday designs from Beyond Borders? Like all the metal work from this Fair Trade brand, this 23” x 23” Painted Sun Glow is handcrafted from recycled oil barrels in Haiti that have been cut, carved, sculpted and painted.  

Born in a Barn follows a similar path of reuse, with most of their products starting from barn wood and transforming into familiar yet inventively fresh décor and accessories with an architectural bent. Their Boardwalk Shelves and Circular Tray are stylish examples of how upcycled pieces can uplift any décor. EarthWood also reclaims wood, this time transforming olive branches pruned from their family-owned olive groves in Israel into one-of-a-kind carved figurines and Christmas ornaments. 

living and selling the beautifully recycled life

If it’s whimsy you’re after, then head on over to Cat in the Box. This brand’s mission is to provide fashion-forward yet eco-friendly and reusable cardboard cat toys and playhouses, like this Breezy Beach Cottage Playhouse. Printed with soy-based inks, these cat-safe materials can help your pet enjoy a lifetime of fancy frolicking in products designed with a circular lifecycle in mind. 

serving utensilsstyle with a purpose. nothing lost while going green.


If Gifts and Accessories are more your neck of the retail woods, we can add to your eco-discovery as well. And it will take nothing away from living (and selling) the beautiful life, thanks to brands like Vi Bella. Each of their artisan-made products is handcrafted, using predominantly sustainable, recycled and locally sourced materials. Buying from this brand has the additional values-based benefit of providing life-changing economic viability for the artisans and their communities. You can see from pieces like these Striped Serving Utensils and Wood Salad Bowl  how Vi Bella is helping “your style have a purpose.” 

living and producing in harmony with nature

Going green with Greener Valley Trading and Loving Nature, in both name and product choice, continues your purposeful buying options. Greener Valley Trading sources a wide range of high quality recycled, sustainable or renewable products, like this artisanal Root Wood Basket, that are good for the environment and great for the home. Loving Nature focuses its energies and efforts on living and producing in harmony with nature. They use materials from their immediate surroundings, upcycling them into ornaments, greeting cards, and DIY craft kits. We’re big fans of their Eco Owl Ornament, also sold as a wedding/party table decoration! 

reaching new heights of recycling with cashmere


Leaders in the category for best company names for Apparel-related sustainability are BBSheep and Hopofly Bags. (Okay, there is no such category, but you have to admit there’s good reason for our kudos in that regard!) We bet you will also love the exuberance of the BBSheep Orange and Pink Pure Cashmere Open Scarf as much as we do, all while luxuriating in the softest, high-quality, 100% recycled cashmere. And there’s no loss of verve and color with bags like this fringed, tote-style bag from Hopofly Bags. All their bags, from accessory to tote or travel size, are upcycled from canvas, rugs and vintage leather and supported by a lifetime warranty, creating a true circular product life cycle. 

an eco-focused view through rose-colored glasses

For apparel essentials, try adding Boodywear to your purchase plan. Boody Eco Wear offers everyday clothing – including undergarments and lounge & active wear – that are made from sustainable bamboo yarn. We can assure you, from personal experience, that the comfort of these garments is unparalleled. Who wouldn’t want to spend their remote workdays enjoying the ease of these Full Length Leggings (with pockets!) below camera range? 

You can even take the Rose-Colored Glasses approach to going green. Literally! Blue Planet Eyewear brings eco-friendly sensibilities to their fashion eyewear line, with each pair of their glasses made from recycled or natural materials. Their circular commitment includes donating a pair of corrective glasses to the Visualize Change Program for each pair of Blue Planet glasses sold. We’re sold! 

boardwrapping things up with good sense and great looks


 When it comes to daily lifestyle choices for our kitchens or on the go, an eco-focus can also travel with your customers ... kind of like that “Leave No Trace” camping adage we all know. Whether it’s Shuki or Holy City Straw Company, reusable straws and cutlery (even chopsticks) can quickly become the new and intentional norm – as well as an easy way to expand sales of anything from kitchen goods and housewares to unique gifts.  

Speaking of help in the kitchen, Bee’s Wrap and Ziparoos are bringing us stylish ways to shape eco-positive habits for ourselves and our customers. Both companies have developed alternatives to one-time use, disposable bags. And yes! Bee’s Wrap lives up to its name, with its eponymous reusable products using responsibly sourced beeswax, along with plant-based wax and tree resin.  

While we’ve come quite far in 50+ years, there is still so much action, innovation and implementation that can keep our industry growing with value and values. So, in the spirit of a season that is the No-Longer-Silent Spring, long may we bloom and grow!