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brand new possibilities

“We want to be at the intersection of commerce.” 

Those of you shopping on JuniperMarket already knew the big news that Warren Shoulberg, Retailing & Home Furnishings Industry Journalist and Consultant, shared with Forbes readers last week after his exclusive interview with Tyler Henritze, Head of Strategic Investment for the Americas for Blackstone Real Estate. The seamless shopping experience of JuniperMarket, alongside the physical marketplaces operated by IMC, Atlanta Market, Las Vegas Market, IMC High Point Market and Atlanta Apparel Market, is the best way to serve B2B buyers and sellers in the home, gift and lifestyle industries. 

The investment of Blackstone in the burgeoning digital side of the business of connecting buyers and sellers brings a singular level of size and scale to this expansion of wholesale commerce. This substantial investment in support of a unique opportunity for facilitating people doing different business in different ways is what Blackstone believes will be the dominant B2B omnichannel marketplace of the future.  

Read more of Shoulberg’s insightful assessment of the future as now, and then be sure you’re registered to shop the future.